Monday, April 1, 2013


Wrathprayer has been forced to cancel their upcoming US appearances. Official statement by the band soon. Here is the updated Anhedonist tour poster. Full details for each show coming this weekend.

MAY/JUNE 2013 Tour details: 

-Weds 8th - Seattle, WA @Highline (210 Broadway E) w/Bone Sickness, Mutant Video (9PM $6)
-Thurs 9th - Tacoma, WA @TBA w/Pleasure Cross, Old Skin
-Fri 10th - Portland, OR @Tonic (3100 NE Sandy Blvd) w/Shroud of the Heretic, Withering of the Light, Servitor (9PM $7)
-Sat 11th - Boise, ID @TBA
-Sun 12th - Salt Lake City, UT @Shred Shed (60 E Exchange Place) w/Visigoth, Moon of Delirium (7PM)
-Mon 13th - Denver, CO @Bar Bar (2060 Champa) w/Roskopp, Gravetorn (time and price TBA)
-Tues 14th - Drive
-Weds 15th - Omaha, NE @West Wing (301 S 38th Ave) W/Bruja +1 (time and price TBA)
-Thurs 16th Chicago, IL @Albion House (1719 W. Albion) w/Bogrot, Escalfrio, No Truce, Dirt Church (7PM $7)
-Fri 17th - Fort Wayne, IN - @The Brass Rail (1121 Broadway) w/Graves of the Endless Fall, Nak’ay, Boddicker (9 PM $6)
-Sat 18th - Indianapolis, IN @Drink or Die House W/ Coffinworm, Boddicker (7PM $6)
-Sun 19th - Hamtramck, MI @Small’s (10330 Conant) w/Perversion, Dark Psychosis, Isenblast, Failed (6PM $7)
-Mon 20th - Columbus, OH @Carabar (115 Parsons Ave) w/Locusta, Bridesmaid (10PM FREE)
-Tues 21st - Pittsburgh, PA @Kopec’s 
-Weds 22nd - Richmond, VA @Strange Matter (929 W. Grace St.) w/Pissheads, Violent Outburst, Asile, Iron Reagan (9PM $7)
-Thurs 23rd - OFF
-Fri 24th - OFF
-Sat 25th - Baltimore, MD @MDF
-Sun 26th - OFF
(8 hours to)
-Mon 27th - Charlotte, NC @ Milestone (3400 Tuckaseegee) w/Cruciamentum, Abyssion, Shadow of the Destroyer (9PM  $12)
(4.5 hours to)
-Tues 28th - Atlanta, GA @Basement at Gravity Pub (1257 Glenwood Ave SE) w/Cruciamentum, Disfigurement, more TBA (time and price TBA)
(7.5 hours to)
-Weds 29th - New Orleans, LA @Siberia (2227 St. Claude) W/Cruciamentum, Abigail, Rotten Sound, Speedwolf, Kromosom, Nomad (8PM $12)
(8.5 hours to)
-Thurs 30th - Drive
-Fri 31st - OFF

-Sat 1st - OFF
-Sun 2nd - Austin, TX @Chaos In Tejas
-Mon 3rd - Drive
-Tues 4th - Tempe, AZ @Rock Point Cantina (1001 E 8th St.) w/Gehenna, Full of Hell, Toad, Territory (7PM)
Weds 5th - LA, CA @Five Star Bar (267 S. Main St.) New info for this one soon
Thurs 6th - SF, CA @Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk St) W/Necrot, Fabricant (time and price TBA)
Fri 7th - Oakland, CA @Eli’s (3629 MLK Jr. Way) W/The Haunting Presence, Dispirit +1 more TBA (time and price TBA)
Sat 8th - Porltand, OR @Ash St. (225 SW Ash St.) W/Knelt Rote, Sempiternal Dusk +1 more TBA (time and price TBA)

New shirt design below: 

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