Tuesday, March 22, 2011

May/June US tour 2011

-Wednesday, May 11th, Seattle, WA @The Mercury 
w/Ealdath, Shadow of the Torturer +1
-Thursday, 12th, Portland, OR @Plan B 
w/Ealdath, Shadow of the Torturer, and Ritual Necromancy
-Friday, 13th, Arcata, CA @Big Tree
w/Ealdath, +2
-Saturday, 14th, Oakland, CA @Victory Warehouse 
w/ Ealdath, Vastum, Dispirit
-Sunday, 15th, LA, CA @The BLVD
w/Ealdath, Destroy Judas, and others
-Monday, 16th, Las Cruces, NM @the Trainyard 
w/Yazata, Acerbus
-Tuesday, 17th, Austin, TX @Beerland 
w/Miasmal, The Impalers, and Mammoth Grinder
-Wednesday, 18th, Baton Rouge, LA @TBA
w/Pallbearer, Thou
-Thursday, 19th, New Orleans, LA @Siberia 
w/Pallbearer, Grave Ritual
-Friday, 20th, Nashville, TN @Rutledge
w/Pallbearer, Loss
-Saturday, 21st, Chattanooga, TN @Anarchtica
w/Pallbearer, Otis Reaper, and 2 TBA
-Sunday, 22nd, Asheville, NC @The Get Down
w/Hour of 13
-Monday, 23rd, OFF
-Tuesday, 24th, Harrisonburg, VA @house show
w/Ilsa +2
-Wednesday, 25th, Washington, DC @TBA
w/Ilsa, Oak, and Midnight EYE
-Thursday, 26th thru Sunday, 29th, OFF
-Monday, 30th, Philadelphia, PA @Blockley Pourhouse 
w/Hooded Menace, Ilsa, High Priest, and Oak
-Tuesday, 31st, Brooklyn, NYC @Union Pool 
w/Hooded Menace, Negative Plane, Ilsa
-Wednesday, June 1st, Indianapolis, IN @The Melody Inn 
w/Kata Sarka, Coffinworm +1
-Thursday, 2nd, Milwauke, WI @River Horse
w/ Kata Sarka
-Friday, 3rd, Lansing, MI @Mac's Bar
w/Kata Sarka, Wastelander, Genocya
-Saturday, 4th, Ft. Wayne @The Brass Rail 
w/Kata Sarka, Deep Coiler +1
-Sunday, 5th, Lawrence, KS @TBA
-Monday, 6th, Denver, CO @Old Curtis Street. 
W/Acephalix, Undergang, Dodsfalla, Roskopp
-Tues, 7th, Salt Lake City, UT @South Shore 
w/Acephalix, Undergang, Yaotl Mictlan
-Thursday, 9th, Seattle, WA @The Black Lodge 
W/Society Nurse, Acephalix, Undergang

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