Monday, December 20, 2010


Hello all,
The layout and remastering for the LP version of "The Drear" demo on Parasitic Records is now completed and should going to press shortly. Samples of the remastered tracks will be posted shortly, truly crushing compared to the original version.
In the coming months we will be recording for our split EP with Knelt Rote, under Parasitic Records/Contagion Releasing, as well as a full length album which is yet to be titled. We have the following shows coming up:
-Saturday,January 15th, @The Black Lodge, Seattle, WA
W/Acephalix, Knelt Rote, Bone Sickness
-Sunday, January 16th, @The Know, NE Portland, OR
W/ Acephalix, Knelt Rote, Ritual Necromancy

The tentative show for Feb 12. is now cancelled. There will be a rescheduled show with The Guild during the spring...

We are in the process of booking a US Tour from May 11th to June 4th. The West Coast, Southeast, and East Coast will be thoroughly covered, as well as a few Midwest Dates. More info concerning this soon.

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